Hat Care


How should I store my hat?

The best way to store your hat is in a hat box or plastic storage container. Start by build a nest inside the hat box leave an opening in the center for the crown. The nest will be used to support the brim. Next gently stuff the crown with dye free tissue paper.  Place the hat with the crown side down into the center of the nest. Cover your box and store in a temperature controlled area. 

  • Hats of felt, leather and/or feathers the entire hat box should be placed in a sealed plastic bag. This will protect it from moths and other insects.  
  • Never store your hat in a car for long periods of time as this will dry out the hat materials and/or crack the straw.                                                                                         

What is the proper way to pick up a hat?

Always pick up a hat using two hands. Lift from the brim of the hat. You may rest the crown in the palm of your hands as well. Never pinch or squeeze the crown when picking up a hat. Frequent pinching of the crown will break the straw.  Picking a hat up properly will keep the crown in shape and prevent excess stress from pinching.

More Hat Care Tips Coming Soon!!!!